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Equipment Factored Cost Estimation

In this follow-up to his recent webinar on Front End Loading for Capital Projects, Rakesh Patel explains Factored Cost Estimating in more detail. If you have any questions about the information presented in this video, please email Rakesh directly at…

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Webinar : Decoding Food Safety Requirements

Webinar : Decoding Food Safety Requirements Food Safety regulations can be frustrating and complex. Are you a plant engineer or a project manager needing to understand how to implement food safety requirements into your projects?  In this webinar Matt discusses:  The requirements of the Food…

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Webinar: Why it’s time to modernize your plant

Webinar: Why It’s Time To Modernize Your Plant

Join Steve Minnich, as he shares considerations to help modernize your facility processes technology, maintain flexibility amidst growing demand for ingredient supplies, and reduce labor dependency.  Steve was invited to speak on this topic at the 2022 Petfood Forum. After receiving…

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Webinar: Critical Factors in Bulk Material Handling

Webinar: Critical Factors In Bulk Material Handling

In this 30-minute live webinar, Beth Hery, P.E. will discuss how proper equipment selection is directly tied to understanding your ingredients. If your plant is conveying dry bulk material, choosing the right conveyor system is vital to making sure your…

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WEBINAR: Pinch Analysis and Energy Reclaim

WEBINAR: Pinch Analysis And Energy Reclaim

In this webinar, Nathan Deutsch, P.E. presents our approach to energy reclaim and focuses on the capabilities of our state-of-the-art Pinch Analysis software. In this presentation, Nathan covers: Energy savings through Pinch Analysis Data collection requirements and what information is needed…

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