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Webinar: Critical Factors in Bulk Material Handling

In this 30-minute live webinar, Beth Hery, P.E. will discuss how proper equipment selection is directly tied to understanding your ingredients. If your plant is conveying dry bulk material, choosing the right conveyor system is vital to making sure your plant can meet production goals, quality requirements, and reliability.

In this presentation, Beth will cover:

  • Basic properties of bulk material
  • Different types of bulk material conveyors
  • How material properties affect conveying
  • Material considerations versus conveying method
  • Conveying methods and comingling
  • Conveying methods and blended products with different particle size
  • Facility layout and material flow considerations
  • Cleaning & maintenance considerations
  • Cost considerations

This Webinar is for:

  • Plant Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Corporate Engineers
  • Quality Control Professionals
  • Equipment Installers & Contractors