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Webinar: Upcoming Change: NFPA 652 is Being Replaced

Image of a combustible dust explosion in a manufacturing plant.

Did you know big changes are coming to the NFPA 652 standard? That’s right, the standard is being replaced by NFPA 660 and will go into effect in late 2024/2025. 

In fact, NFPA 660 will also replace NFPA standards 61, 654, 484, 655 and 664, becoming the one standard to rule them all.

If your facility deals with mitigating combustible dust, this webinar is a must watch! 

Matt is an expert in dust mitigation, having conducted over 100 DHAs for various industries.  

Preview: Updates to Combustible Dust Standards

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In This Webinar

Matt discusses what you need to know about the replacement of the NFPA 652 Standard. 

  • NFPA 652 is being replaced by NFPA 660
  • Target ETA is late 2024/2025
  • This will be CODE that is legally enforceable.
  • PSM and PHA as it relates to NFPA 660

Upon completing this webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of how to prepare for the replacement of the NFPA 652 standard before NFPA 660 goes into effect.

This webinar is for:

  • Plant Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Project Managers 
  • EHS Professionals

About Matt Williamson P.E.

Matt is the Director of Engineering at ADF Engineering and has over 30 years of process engineering and project management experience.

 As a leader at ADF, Matt guides a team of engineers on a variety of process development and improvement projects in the Food, Feed, Bioscience, and Consumer Product Industries.