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Webinar: Decoding Modular Process Skid Packages

Is it time to consider Modular Process Skids for your plant?

Total installed costs, down time for deployment, startup delays, and construction safety are major factors that often impact a process plant’s feasibility to expand and upgrade.

The alternative is Modular process skids.

They offer design flexibility, reduced labor needs, offsite fabrication quality control, lesser production disruption, and increased safety.

ADF Engineering’s Rakesh Patel and Kurt Orndorff will be presenting our next live webinar: Decoding Modular Process Skids Packages.

In this webinar Rakesh and Kurt will break down the following key topics: 

  • Feasibility Evaluation: Learn about the different factors that are used to determine whether a particular project is a good candidate for Modularization/Skid approach.
  • Design, Fabrication & Deployment: Gain an understanding of the critical steps and key factors that govern successful design, testing, and deployment of Modular Process Skids
  •  Application Cast Studies: We’ll take a look at some example projects from select industries where modular skids were deployed successfully while realizing many of the benefits stated above.

Upon completing this webinar, you’ll have a better understanding of how to successfully deploy Modular Process Skids for your plant.

This webinar is for:

  • Plant Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Procurement Leaders
  • Capex Directors

About Rakesh Patel, PE, PMP

Rakesh Pate is the V.P. of Operations at ADF Engineering and has over 20 years of experience in engineering, project management, construction, and operations. 

His specialty is industrial water, and wastewater treatment, and his experience spans across the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biofuel, and Manufacturing industries. 

About Kurt Orndorff, Sr. Project Manager 

Kurt is the Sr. Project Manager at ADF Engineering and brings over 28 years of experience to the team. 

His focus at ADF is the management of special projects, particularly involving client investment strategy for existing or new site development, master planning or site selection.

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