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Extraction Facility Energy Savings

CLIENT: Multinational Oilseeds Manufacturer

PROJECTFlash Steam Recovery and Wastewater Evaporator Preheat

BACKGROUND: A site had previously performed a high-level energy audit to identify potential energy savings projects. ADF Engineering was brought in to evaluate the projects and determine which would be feasible and meet energy savings goals and payback criteria.


  • Obtaining operational data and information on existing processes to evaluate energy savings opportunities was a challenge due to limited process instrumentation.
  • Energy sources and sinks were spread out across a congested facility. Pipe routing was complex and required significant forethought to avoid existing structures, equipment, and personnel access.
  • Flash steam in extraction facilities needs to be reduced in pressure as low as possible before returning condensate to boilers per NFPA 36 code.


  • Operational data was compiled and a mass and energy balance was generated to evaluate and select energy savings projects.
  • Installation of three new flash steam recovery tanks and new piping and controls needed to transport flash steam for solvent preheaters, air preheat for dryers, and DT sparge.
  • Installation of 2 new interchangers for preheat to wastewater evaporators.

The effort led to several energy savings projects that reduced water, natural gas, and electricity usage at the site.

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