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Secondary Containment Evaluation

A chemical company working with Lysine wanted to develop an overall facility site map drawing to show secondary containment volumes for each process area. The updated documentation will be referenced for future expansions and internal/external environmental audits.

The secondary containment areas consist of the following:

  • Fermentation Area
    • 1st Floor of Fermentation Building (42,200 sq. ft)
    • Front End Tank Containment (900 sq. ft)
    • Process Tank Containment (2200 sq. ft)
    • Final Storage Tank Containment (2450 sq. ft)
  • Granulation Area
    • Primary Granulation (7600 sq. ft)
    • Outside Evaporation Area (2400 sq. ft)
    • Secondary Granulation (2800 sq. ft)
  • Transformer Area (Scope was added during kickoff meeting)
    • Admin Transformer (1250 sq. ft)
    • Fermentation Transformer (2100 sq. ft)
    • Primary Granulation Transformer (550 sq. ft)
    • Secondary Granulation Transformer (500 sq. ft)
    • Utility Transformer (1300 sq. ft)

Client provided generic layout drawings of all areas.

WORK COMPLETED: The following was completed within the one-month schedule.

  • Conducted an onsite kickoff meeting to validate and walk through all locations.
  • Completed 4 days of field measurements of all areas which included:
    • Measuring all slope elevations.
    • Measuring all tank, pump and misc. housekeeping pad foundations.
    • Measuring trench drains and sump pit depths.
    • Measuring area dimensions to cross reference the layout drawing dimensions.
  • Containment calculations considered the following:
    • Removed all foundations and housekeeping pads from the overall area volume.
    • All trench drains, area drains and sump pit volumes.
  • Completed the overall calculations and updated site drawing within 2 weeks.
  • Provided client with Excel version of calculations and DWG format of site map to update and modify as necessary in the future.