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Protein Concentrate Piping And Layout

Project Summary

The client approached ADF with an engineering design for a vegetable based protein concentrate facility design which combined new and repurposed equipment and piping from an existing plant. This project involved both creation and modification of P&IDs for the process.

PFDs and P&IDs were prepared for the following areas

  • Utilities including well water, city water, air, and steam
  • Cooling with well water heat exchangers
  • Liquefaction

A plan for the overall facility was developed including;

  • Complete 3-D modeling of the facility including integrated structural and piping designs
  • Equipment layout plans and elevations
  • 3-D modeling of the piping systems throughout the facility

Type Of Industry

  • Corn Wet Milling
  • Animal Feed
  • Protein concentrate

Tools & Skills Utilized

  • Development of PFDs and P&IDs
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Piping Isometrics