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Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Facility Expansion

Project Summary

The client was operating at maximum capacity and contacted ADF Engineering to help expand their facility to provide additional capability. The finished product resulted in a high warehouse storage capacity and ancillary support facilities.


Project Summary


This project was designed in an accelerated three-month timeframe and construction started in December to meet tight construction deadlines. The project included:

  • Adding 3 new clean rooms
  • Moving 3 existing clean rooms to a dedicated 100% outside Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  • Expanding administrative areas, including a new executive office area
  • Expanding the cafeteria and break room areas
  • Adding a 45-foot spandrel beam and dividing partition to separate break and meeting room areas
  • Creating a tech space for new AHU and ancillary equipment
  • Designing new laboratory spaces suitable for specialty gasses and fume hood exhaust
  • Outlining new parking areas and a maintenance addition
  • Maximizing utilization of a tight site plan in a mixed land use urban setting
  • Coordinating closely with city building officials for expedient plan approval
  • Integrating the new addition seamlessly with existing siding for a modern, high-tech appearance
  • Adding a new secure employee entrance vestibule for better security and convenience
  • Creating a new, automated high-rack storage warehouse
  • Completing 85 design drawings over the course of the project