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Oxygen Furnace Off-Gas Ducting Component Replacement

Project Summary

The client approached ADF with a request to provide engineering services to replace the Quencher Elbow section of an Off-Gas duct of a Basic Oxygen Furnace in the steel milling industry. The Off-Gas System quenches, cools, cleans and de-mists the furnace Off-Gas stream to meet E.P.A. emission regulations. The section being replaced plays a critical role in turning and dewatering the gas stream and the initial removal of particulates. The project area was very congested by multiple utilities, equipment and support structure. Constantly changing environmental conditions and ongoing plant operations made data collection a challenge. Outdated documentation of the original installation and existing conditions added to the challenges in the development of the replacement design. ADF utilized laser scanning technology to safely obtain the data required to generate a 3D model of the existing area. The end result gave the client the ability to accurately pre-fabricate the replacement exhaust ducting component while avoiding the interferences in the project area.

3D models, layouts, construction document package and schedule were prepared for the exhaust ducting replacement.

A plan for the overall project was developed including:

  • Complete 3-D modeling of the project area
  • Construction package that included: structural, mechanical and demolition plans
  • Project schedule with critical milestone completion dates

Type Of Industry

  • Manufacturing
  • Steel Milling

Tools & Skills Utilized

  • Laser Scanning
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Microsoft Project
  • Project Management