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Module Skid Integration To Existing Process

Project Summary

The client approached ADF with a request to provide a 3D model of several existing process systems along with the facility infrastructure to allow for module skid integration into an existing process. The area to be modeled included recently added process systems, existing building structure, equipment and general layout information. The intent of the 3D model would assist them with determining space allocation, line routing, demolition and relocation expenses and capital cost for project appropriations. This project required a significant amount of data to be collected over multiple areas and elevation changes to accurately provide the deliverables that the client requested. In an effort to collect large amount of data ADF utilized laser scanning technology. The laser scan process ensured the data could be collected accurately and efficiently while also providing safety to both the clients’ product and the personnel involved.

3D models, layouts and general arrangements were prepared for a multi-story shampoo manufacturing process area.

A plan for the overall facility project was developed including:

  • Complete 3-D modeling of the facility including integrated models from previous projects
  • Equipment layout plans and elevations
  • 3-D modeling of the project areas and process systems throughout the facility

Type Of Industry

  • Manufacturing
  • Shampoo & Hair Care

Tools & Skills Utilized

  • Laser Scanning
  • 3-D Modeling