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ADF Knows Sugar Handling!

ADF Engineering offers a complete range of analysis and solutions for handling bulk granulated sugar and producing and handling liquid sucrose. Solutions include improving sugar handling unloading, transfer and storage, and handling of granulated sugar achieving optimized efficiencies and lower costs associated with sugar handling processes.

  • Receiving/Unloading

  • Storage to Point-of-Use

  • Combustible Dust Management

  • Handling to Storage Location

  • Analysis of Sugar

  • Common Areas of Opportunity:

    • Granulation degradation

    • Caking in storage silos

    • Plugging in sugar transfer lines

    • Regulatory compliance

    • Points of use

    • Transfer processes

    • Gentle handling

    • Mixing and batching

Download ourĀ Sugar Handling brochure to learn more!

Want to do a self-assessment of your needs? Download our Sugar Checklist here.