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Lysine Facility Boiler Design and Installation

Project Summary

The client requested ADF’s services to design and implement a new 100,000 pound per hour natural gas-fired boiler into their existing steam and condensate process. The equipment will be located in a new pre-engineered metal building that meets insurance requirements and state/local codes and regulations.


Project Summary


This project started in the conceptual phase and went through all phases including start-up and commissioning. Design work took 12 months to complete, with construction lasting an additional six months. A new electrical room was designed to provide service to the new building and additional loads. During the project, ADF:


  • Created 7 drawings including; 1 power layout, 1 lighting layout, 3 electrical distribution designs, 1 fire alarm layout and 1 site grounding layout.
  • Used photometric software to design for egress routes and normal operations of the building.
  • Performed calculations on existing utility services and provided recommendations to the client.
  • Specified equipment to meet client’s budgetary concerns while meeting demanding environmental requirements.
  • Provided electrical support to HVAC engineering.
  • Provided electrical service to chemical testing and metering equipment.
  • Developed bid packages and coordinated with contractors for installation of 18 new motors.
  • Provided panel and transformer schedules for Electrical contractor’s use/reference.
  • Coordinated with client, vendors and contractors to incorporate the new boiler into the existing facility control system.