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Process Engineering

ADF Engineering, Inc. has compiled a team of highly trained Process Engineers. Our experienced process team is a trusted source for the full spectrum of process engineering solutions.

We have recently expanded our offerings to help our clients prepare for the upcoming DHA deadline of September 2020, which resulted from the new National Fire Protection Agency standard, NFPA 652. This new standard ties together myriad industry-specific codes and standards related to combustible dusts (including NFPA 61 and 654) under one overarching standard that establishes minimum requirements for managing dust hazards across all industries. Most importantly, this standard is retroactive, meaning that all facilities that handle combustible dusts must meet these new criteria by the deadline of September 2020. Learn more about NFPA 652 requirements here; and request a quote for a DHA here.

Services Offered Include:

  • Mass & Energy Balances
  • Equipment Sizing & Specifications
  • Process & Instrumentation Drawings
  • Process Design
  • Energy Reclaim Studies: Steam, Natural Gas, Elec, etc.
  • Pre-startup Validations
  • Startup Services