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Corn Syrup Demineralizer

Project Summary

This project modified an existing building to accommodate demineralizer vessels that were relocated from another facility. The design included multiple elements;

  • Building Modifications, which included foundations for the vessels and structural modifications to make the building suitable for the vessels and piping.
  • Process Design, this included pipe size optimization, pump sizing and specification, instrument specification and materials of construction.
  • Detailed Piping Design provided an ergonomic piping layout for the new piping that allowed access to all frequently used valves and instruments.
  • P&ID development for the new process and updating the existing P&IDs.

The project also required Code Review, calculations, and bureaucratic paperwork filing to obtain the necessary certification to bring the vessels into the State of Ohio as pressure vessels.

Type Of Industry

  • Food Processing

Tools & Skills Utilized

  • Structural design of foundations and building structures
  • Piping network design
  • Building Codes