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Boiler Design and Installation

Project Summary

Our client requested ADF’s services to design and implement a new 100,000 pound per hour natural gas-fired boiler into their existing steam and condensate process. The equipment was located in a new pre-engineered metal building at their lysine production facility, and needed to meet insurance requirements and state/local codes and regulations.


Project Summary: This project started in the conceptual phase and went through all phases including start-up and commissioning. Design work took 12 months to complete, with construction lasting an additional six months. During the project, ADF:


  • Evaluated and resized the client’s existing makeup water pumps to accommodate the new boiler
  • Sized new natural gas, steam, condensate, and makeup water lines per code requirements
  • Provided a pipe stress analysis to determine the thermal expansion and pipe support requirements on the new boiler steam line
  • Issued 9 P&IDs and a mechanical layout drawing for construction
  • Issued a 3D model of the new boiler, deaerator, piping, blowdown tanks, sampling stations, and associated pre-engineered metal building (pictured below)
  • Provided architectural and building code review drawings to define fire protection, ventilation, and building egress requirements
  • Provided plumbing drawings, including the design of a new underground sump pit and sump pumps
  • Issued HVAC, louvers, and unit heater design drawings for construction
  • Developed 33 piping isometric drawings for construction
  • Provided electrical design including single line drawings, power plan, and lighting design
  • Provided structural design drawings for the new pre-engineered metal building
  • Issued foundation design drawings for the pre-engineered metal building, MCC room, boiler, and deaerator
  • Completed stack support drawings for 80-foot-tall boiler stack
  • Issued five separate construction bid packages over the course of the project
  • Developed a total of 58 design drawings