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Photo of ADF Engineering employee Joe B.


We’re excited to introduce a new member to our team who’s set to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our projects. Please join us in welcoming Joe Baddour, our new Special Projects Senior Manager.

Joe Baddour’s extensive background as a Senior Project Manager and Structural Engineer, spanning over 30 years in the industry, is a testament to his capabilities. What makes his addition even more exciting is that Alex Fishman, President of ADF, has had the privilege of working with Joe in the past. Having firsthand experience of his talents, Alex Fishman stated that he was particularly impressed by Joe’s organizational and technical skills.

In his new role, Joe Baddour will lead complex multidisciplinary engineering projects that demand a seasoned expert’s touch. With his wealth of experience, we’re confident that these challenging projects will be successful.

Joe Baddour’s role extends beyond project management. He’ll also provide essential support to our engineering departments, ensuring that our designs continue to uphold to care and standards our clients deserve.

As a member of the Structural Engineers Association of Ohio (SEAoO) Board of Directors, Joe is actively contributing to the growth and excellence of the engineering community. He is registered in multiple states and is also a proud UD graduate.

Let’s extend a warm welcome to Joe Baddour and embrace this opportunity to learn from his expertise.

We’re excited about the fresh perspectives he’ll bring to our projects and the continued success he’ll help us achieve.