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Trending Process Solutions

Is your facility working on risk mitigation and your own preventative measures in response to the Covid-19 Virus? We offer specific process solutions, skids and storage for many applications in treatment and disinfection for the food and beverage industry.

We have experience in the design, fabrication, and implementation of a variety of anti-microbial systems:

  • UV Air Systems – Used for ventilation to sanitize air flow, ducts, and HVAC systems.
  • Filtration Systems – HEPA filtration removes bacteria and viruses from circulating air; positive and negative air systems.
  • Chlorine Dioxide or Sodium Hypochlorite Skids – Chlorine dioxide is effective for fumigation of facilities. Chlorine dioxide may be used in process streams, in place of harmful antibiotics and chemicals. Bleach is used to sanitize process and water piping.
  • Alcohol Disinfectant Systems and Storage – Alcohols, such as ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, are efficient and highly effective surface cleaning and disinfecting agents.
  • CIP/SIP Systems and Skids – Clean-in-Place and Sanitize-in-Place systems use a variety of methods to clean and sanitize systems without the need for disassembly.

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