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ADF’s packaged solution will help you better manage the cost, quality and delivery risks of buying sugar by utilizing 50,000 lb. bulk trailers instead of bags. This keeps your stock fuller for longer, more consistent, and reduces adulteration risks and injury risks to your employees.

Typical ROI is seen within 24 months, based on a current usage rate of 9,000 bags/month.

The ADF Advantage:

  • An average savings of 20-30% by purchasing sugar in bulk when compared to 50 lb. bags
  • Improved product consistency and quality
  • Minimized risk of adulteration
  • Stabilized sugar inventory and immunity to price fluctuations
  • Faster transfer to point of use and increased productivity
  • Safer environment for workers due to reduced lifting and material handling
  • A customizable, turnkey solution that results in lower overall costs and risks

Download the Bag to Bulk Brochure