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Structural Engineering

ADF Engineering, Inc. has compiled a team of highly trained Civil/ Structural Engineers. Our experienced structural team provides unparalleled expertise in the following areas:

  • Design and analysis of buildings and foundations
  • Design and analysis of structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, and timber
  • Building modifications due to process changes
  • Pre-engineered building foundations and heavy duty floor slab
  • Reinforcement of existing structures to support new loads
  • Support of equipment, piping and ductwork
  • Design and capacity rating of monorails, and supports of hoists and bridge cranes
  • Retaining walls and underground structures
  • Wind and seismic design per Building Code
  • Finite element analysis
  • Preprimary engineering and construction capital cost estimates

Our structural engineers have unique experience in evaluating existing building, structures, and tanks. Based on our vast involvement in the field, ADF has created extensive database of reports and templates for structural assessment services.

Specialty structural engineering Services include:

  • Structural condition assessment and evaluation
  • Special inspection of steel corrosion, concrete cracks and concrete deterioration
  • OSHA and structural integrity walk downs.
  • Steel stacks and thin wall ducts
  • Steel tanks, hoppers, and bunkers
  • Rectangular and circular concrete tanks
  • Retaining walls and underground structures
  • OSHA fall protection systems and anchorage
  • Vibration analysis of floors and structures