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Image of Mario Ancona accepting ADF's 2023 PSMJ award.

We are thrilled to announce that ADF Engineering Inc. is a recipient of PSMJ Resources Inc. Circle of Excellence award for 2023.

This award recognizes the top 20% of A/E/C (architectural, engineering, and construction) firms that excel in financial management. 

The award is designed to highlight the successful management and outstanding achievement metrics in the following 13 key areas: 

  • Net Direct Labor Multiplier (Achieved)
  • Operating Profit (As a % of Net Revenue)
  • Operating Profit (Per Total Staff)
  • Staff Size Change
  • Return on Overhead
  • Labor Utilization Rate (Payroll Dollars)
  • Operating Overhead Rate (Before Bonus and/or Distributions)
  • Accounts Receivable Collection Rate (Days of Gross Revenue)
  • Net Revenue Backlog (As a % of Net Revenue)
  • Return on Working Capital
  • Gross Revenue Growth Rate
  • Staff Turnover Rate
  • Net Revenue (Per Total Staff)

Our team at ADF Engineering Inc. applies forward-thinking, dedication, and real-world experience to every project, allowing us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.