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Waste Water Treatment Plant Installation

Project Summary

The client needed to replace their undersized waste water treatment (WWT) facility while maintaining plant production. The new WWT facility was designed to treat process water and rainwater at a combined rate of 500 gallons per minute, and then discharge the outfall to a local municipality.

Project Summary

  • Finalized vendor-supplied Krofta P&ID’s for a new 500gpm outfall waste water treatment system


  • Finalized vendor-supplied Krofta P&ID’s for a new 500 gpm outfall waste water treatment system
  • Created and finalized 19 drawings, including 5 equipment layout drawings, 4 piping layout drawings, 7 structural building drawings, 3 electrical drawings, and a 3D model
  • Provided foundation and building design to state building codes and coordinated building inspections
  • Developed the building and equipment power plan, the first floor lighting plan, and an electrical single line
  • Provided field construction assistance by overseeing 2 general and 6 sub-contractors
  • Managed weekly progress meetings during 12 months of engineering and 8 additional months of field work
  • Addressed construction safety concerns regarding contractor safety, fall protection, hot works, and crane lifts
  • Managed and reviewed contractor’s daily PJHA work permits
  • Managed permits for the client’s fall protection; hot work; confined space; line break; trench and excavation; crane utilization; and critical lifts