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Visit Booth 731 at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop

Visit Booth 731 At The Fuel Ethanol Workshop

See Mario Ancona and Steve Minnich at Booth 731 at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) in Omaha June 11-13. Mario and Steve will be on hand to discuss our recent experience, including:

  • Added a new natural gas boiler to increase plant steam capacity and supplement existing heat recovery steam generators
  • Upgraded ethanol facility’s truck and rail load out piping and added a new ethanol storage tank
  • Designed a new tank farm including secondary containment and load in/out design
  • Installed approximately 1500 ft of piping through protected wetlands, public rights of way, and rail tracks
  • Completed an aspiration study on the dryer at an Ohio ethanol plant
  • Added protein separation technology at an ethanol plant in Iowa
  • Structural design of a corn ethanol addition in Brazil
  • Developed a process simulation model for corn ethanol plant to help visualize effects of process changes and equipment modifications
  • Added a cooling tower and completed a chilled water flow study at an ethanol facility in Michigan
  • Corn milling and ethanol mechanical integrity evaluation
  • Completed debottlenecking and expansion at a major corn-to-ethanol plant