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Piping 1-2-3
Quality Control. Faster Installation.

ADF Engineering and its piping contractors have created a faster more efficient model for designing, fabricating and installing industrial
piping solutions. With engineering expertise across multiple industries, we understand most piping design and build requirements and can
deliver complete solutions for even the most challenging specifications. Our controlled loop process ensures streamlined engineering, high-quality construction and cost-efficient installation. Our commitment is to make our approach as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1: Engineering
ADF Engineering works with your team to understand and clearly define your industrial process, challenges, goals, and budget.
• Our project manager meets with you to discuss goals, needs and roadblocks
• Provide preliminary engineering and definition
• Propose a total fabrication and installation plan and budget
• Upon delivery of an approved PO, we begin finished detail engineering
• Ensure accuracy using laser scanning technology
• Review and assist you with P&IDs and specifications
• Identify tie-in points for new piping installation
• Create Piping ISO’s, supports, and specifications

Step 2: Pre-Fabrication
Our skilled contractors fabricate the majority of the specified piping in their controlled shop environment to maximize quality and adherence to engineering specifications.
• Review piping ISO’s with skilled fabricators
• Examine all field connections with pipe fitters to ensure ease of installation
• Utilize dimensional accuracy of 3D laser scans to optimize piping length
• Establish installation plan to minimize field connections and welds
• Ensure accuracy utilizing our state-of-the-art QA process
• Load trucks to maximize shipping process and control costs

Step 3: Installation
Our strategic piping contractor completes the work by expertly assessing the installation process, troubleshooting, and installing the piping at your location.
• Review ISO’s to maintain adherence to U.S. and global standards for construction
• Plan and prepare piping installation utilizing 3D modeling
• Pre-fabrication and pre-planning mean fewer field welds and less elevated work
• Time in field is minimized with shorter construction and shutdown schedules, limiting production interruptions
• Overall, our approach ensures a safer construction process

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Factory Pipes
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