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ADF at Corn Utilization Show June 4-6

ADF At Corn Utilization Show June 4-6

Attend Matt Williamson’s presentation during the 10-12:30 block on Wednesday, June 6, for a deep dive into DHA Implementation. You can also join Matt and Alex Fishman, ADF President, at Booth 3 in the exhibit hall.

While you’re visiting, talk to us about our recent project experience:

  • Malted specialty syrups and blends – process and detailed engineering
  • DHA implementation and follow-up detail engineering
  • Corn Wet Mill Grind upgrade
  • Corn plant process modeling and material balance
  • Fiber and Germ Rotary Dryer addition and heat reclaim.
  • Addition of Protein Separation Technology at Ethanol Plant
  • Gluten and Starch Flash Dryer retrofit
  • Modified Starch Process Safety Design
  • Starch Milling Process and Detailed Design
  • Demineralizer addition and piping design
  • Structural condition assessment
  • RTO addition
  • Fiber dewatering optimization project
  • Laser Scanning and design of truck loadout area

Contact Alex to set up a time to see us!