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ADF Exhibiting at AOCS 2019

ADF Exhibiting At AOCS 2019

See ADF in Booth 120 at the AOCS Annual Convention in St. Louis May 5-8.  Matt Williamson, P.E., will be presenting Effective Dust Control for Grain/Meal Truck Loadout Tuesday, May 7th at 10:45 a.m. in room 104. Matt and Alex Fishman, P.E., will be on hand to discuss ADF’s capabilities and expertise for the oilseed processing and manufacturing industries. We look forward to connecting with you!

Your partnership with an experienced engineering company can help your operations be more profitable. ADF Engineering offers extensive knowledge and a high level of process and facility engineering experience in the oilseed processing industry. Every year ADF executes more than 400 value-driven projects.

Hot Topics In 2019

Bulk Material Handling

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NFPA 652 & DHA’s

The National Fire Protection Agency  (NFPA) released a new standard on combustible dusts, NFPA 652, in September 2015. One new requirement introduced by the standard is that a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) must be performed for all facilities with combustible dusts on site.

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Water Recovery

The ADF Engineering team understands that water keeps your operation flowing. We also have the experience to integrate water solutions into your plant to maximize efficiencies, reduce energy costs, and increase production consistency.

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