Automation, Electrical, and Instrumentation (AE&I)

ADF has combined its electrical and controls expertise with a new department dedicated to helping our clients with a variety of automation, electrical, and instrumentation needs.

Recent Project Experience:
  1. Controls design and testing for a major baking line remodel (see detailed project here)
  2. Complete repowering design of existing 12.5MW food processing facility
  3. Electrical classification reports and drawings for a corn milling facility
  4. Provided a site with motor, I/O, and lighting sketches; and updated classification drawings following a hazardous event
  5. Coordinated and integrated IS panel and instrumentation installation within client’s existing DCS system
  6. Partnered with a pilot R&D facility from the conceptual design phase, through detailed design, and into production
AEI group photo

Pictured above, members of our AE&I Department: Electrical Designer Wendy Miller; Department Manager Jim Bader; Sr. Electrical Engineer Dave Partridge; and Electrical Engineer Alex Nelson.