Hazardous Dust Control

Project Summary:

Dust in a manufacturing and material handling environment can be potentially dangerous due to fire and explosion hazards. The correct evaluation of this potential is important because it is costly to mitigate. Dust in the workplace is regulated under OSHA 1910 rules, but the need for explosion and fire prevention can be confusing. This project evaluated the explosion hazard in germ dust collection systems ductwork and cyclone. The project utilized data developed by an independent testing lab. This data included; mean particle size distribution, Kst, Pmax, Minimum Explosible Concentration, (MEC), Minimum Auto ignition Temperature, (MIT), Minimum Ignition Energy,(MIE) and Combustible Content weight %.

This project determined the area to be Class 2 Div 2, which reduced electrical construction costs. Explosion panel were still incorporated into the cyclone to satisfy Insurance Carrier concerns.

Type of Industry:

Tools & Skills Utilized: