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Welcome New Structural Engineer Michael Albino!

Structural Engineer Michael Albino

Please join us in welcoming Michael Albino to our structural engineering department! Michael comes to ADF from the University of Cincinnati (UC), where he earned a degree in Civil Engineering.

Michael co-oped with two engineering firms where he gained experience determining structural loads, design-build, architectural planning, and projects working with steel.

In his time at UC, Michael was a research assistant co-op on a research project that analyzed the behavior of two bolted and welded plates that were shearing along the strong and weak axis, and developed mathematical models to show the effects of different types of welds and material strengths on the plates’ shear strength.

For his senior design project, Michael designed a solar efficient district with an office, multi-use apartment buildings, and a new school for the Solar Decathlon competition. Each building was structurally designed with solar energy to power HVAC and electrical systems.

When he’s not at work, Michael enjoys running, hiking, and playing basketball.

Michael recently completed his OSHA 10 training and is working on additional certifications.

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